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Our Motto:

A doula for every family who wants one.

Sliding Scale Fee Structure - up to 100% subsidy!:

Our extremely popular Full Circle Family Doula Program is being offered free of charge or at a discounted rate to anyone who qualifies based on a sliding scale of fees. Currently we are offering the service by donation (May to August 2024). As part of the intake interview we will determine the level of subsidy you qualify for – this only takes a couple of minutes. We also consider extenuating circumstances to determine the subsidized rate. 

More Information

If you are interested in learning more or registering in any of these programs please contact the centre at, drop in at Family Place 75 Central Street in Summerside or phone (902) 436-1348. 

Registered Charity

As a registered charity, we do welcome donations if you are able and so inclined. This helps us to ensure that our programs and services remain both high quality and free/subsidized. We REALLY appreciate your support. Click the Canada Helps icon to donate:

Full Circle Family Doula Program


Formally Trained Doulas:

This program provides a variety of supports to childbearing-aged mothers and their families living in PEI. Our volunteer doulas are formally trained through DONA International and/ or CAPPA to provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother and partner before, during and after childbirth (and beyond) to help them achieve the healthiest, most satisfying birth and parenting experience possible.

The services available through the Full Circle Family Doula Program include support through trained:

  • Birth Doulas

  • Postpartum Doulas, &

  • Parenting Support Doulas

We have formally trained Birth, Postpartum and Family Support Doulas:

We are able to offer both in-person and virtual support to ensure that you and your partner/ support person experience and are supported to have the most positive birth, postpartum and parenting outcomes possible. 

Research on Doula Support:

You may be interested to know that there is a significant body of research demonstrating that birthing people and their partners/ support persons experience enhanced benefits and outcomes with the support of a trained doula.


Birth Doula Maternal Benefits:

Doulas improve maternal outcomes. Birthing people who receive continuous support from a trained professional doula during labor and birth have a:

~ 39% decrease in the risk of Caesarean

~ 15% increase in the likelihood of normal vaginal birth without induction or augmentation (fewer inductions, less Pitocin, AND fewer assisted deliveries)

~ 10% decrease in the use of pain relief medications

~ Shorter labors by 40 minutes

~ 31% decrease in the risk of a negative birth experience

~ Reduced risk of postpartum mood disorders including depression & anxiety


In fact, doulas improve outcomes so much that pioneering doula researcher and professor of pediatrics Dr. John H. Kennell once said,

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”

Training Opportunities

Training for Birth, Postpartum and Family Support Doulas:

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer doula with Family Place?  If you are and would like more information, please email us and we will send you detailed information about this exciting opportunity!

Nobody's Perfect facilitator training is one of the components for the Family Support Doula. It is offered free of charge in exchange for volunteer hours. If you missed this training (below) and are interested, please email us as we hope to offer this training again. If you are an ECE, this training is also approved for 25 ongoing professional training hours. 


More Research

If you are curious about how a doula can support you and your partner/ support person we encourage you to check out these articles: 

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